New Japan Internal Regulator Flexes Muscles, Limits Margin Trading LoansLeave a reply The recently-formed Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) is proposing to set a limit on margin trading loans. Margin trading is the process of borrowing money from a broker to trade in cryptocurrency when the investor or trader has insufficient funds to do so.It has been suggested that the new borrowing limit for trading platforms in Japan should be set at four times the customer deposit when margin trading. Currently, there are no limits on how much cryptocurrency investors can borrow when margin trading.The Financial Services Agency (FSA) has released figures showing that in April, there were 142,000 crypto traders in Japan. That monthly figure represents a small percentage of the total of 3 million Japanese traders.Out of 2017’s recorded USD 543 billion of crypto trading in Japan, margin traders accounted for more 90% of the derivatives trading total, which was over 80% of the entire cryptocurrency trading volume for that year.The proposal which is now set to be presented to the FSA may rebound on the industry as there is some thought that by setting limits on investors, this may well lead to some investors moving away from using cryptocurrency exchanges, although the proposed changes would allow exchanges to set their own limits.The JVCEA, which is proposing the new limit, comprises of 16 licensed crypto exchanges, who are self-described as security inspectors of Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges. The association has gone to great lengths to cover all aspects of how exchanges should function, drawing up nearly 1,000 pages of self-regulatory measures. The JVCEA was formed by Japanese crypto exchanges earlier this year in response to a USD 534 million heist on the Coincheck platform.The chairman and president of the organization is Taizen Okuyama of Money Partners. Bitflyer CEO Yuzo Kano is the vice chairman, along with Bitbank president Noriyuki Hiroeno. The other two directors are SBI Virtual Currencies’ Yoshitaka Kitao and GMO Coin’s Tomitaka Ishimura. Follow on Twitter at Alerts from at Courtesy: PixabayThe post New Japan Internal Regulator Flexes Muscles, Limits Margin Trading Loans appeared first on This entry was posted in allcoins, Altcoins, Asia, Bitbank, Bitcoin News, Bitflyer, cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency, decentralized, digital currency, GMO, japan, Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association, JVCEA, News, SBI Virtual Currencies, The Financial Services Agency, trading on July 26, 2018 by adminbtc.